Spread Love Student Art Contest

Spread Love Student Art Contest

Unleash your creativity and embrace the power of love in the upcoming student art contest! Design an inspiring art piece that captures the essence of spreading love in your school, community, and the world. Your canvas or paper piece should fall within the dimensions of 12" x 12" to 48" x 48” (Inches), allowing you the freedom to express your vision on a scale that resonates with your artistic inspiration. 

Whether you choose vibrant colours, intricate details, or bold strokes, let your artwork convey the universal theme of love radiating from your creative heart to touch the lives of those around you. Remember, this contest encourages traditional art forms, so bring your passion for spreading love to life through your unique artistic perspective. 

Good luck, and may your creation inspire positive connections and resonate with the theme of love!

Student Age Limitations: Spread Love Student Art Contest, This round will be open to Students From Grade 7-12. (Ages 10-18) in the Greater Toronto Area (Toronto District, York Region, Durham & Peel Regions Public & Catholic School Boards.)

Submissions Due Feb 1st 2024: Students are asked to submit a clear digital Image of your art entry via email to: icanspreadlove@gmail.com  by Feb 1st 2024.

Top 25 Winners: The top 25 winning designs will be featured at Toronto’s  Worth Gallery during the month of February 2024. If approved, the  top 25 winning designs can be made into limited release prints**. Net of Cost proceeds go to the artist.

**Conditions that apply:  The Young Artists are encouraged to keep their original pieces. Artists can re-produce their winning art piece via Glicee or Archival paper based on the pricing of our Graphics production partner. Their prints can be pre-purchased and printed on demand via the SpreadLove website. 

This initiative will give the young artist an opportunity to understand the process of Art as a business and gallery exposure. 

Parents will be required to sign the necessary permissions for Worth Gallery to show the piece, as well to arrange the sale of related prints for each artist. 

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